Congratulations! You have completed basic training and are now ready to start tactical training in the SpaceBrawl Navy. To master this course, you must successfully jam your opponent before they can jam you. No one like to be given the raspberry!

Your air shield generating station is orbiting a small world and is equipped with a jam cannon. The enemy station is orbiting a nearby world: You must jam that station to bring down their air shield. Your cannon can be set from 0 to 11: Higher settings fire at a higher velocity. If you jam the enemy before they jam you, you will win the exercise.

(A Long, long time ago, people used to use the opposite system: A planet providing a shield around an orbiting station. But when a small team of commandos were able to destroy the shield generators with spunk and a few teddy bears, the shortcomings of that approach were made clear.)

Published Apr 23, 2017
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tagsdeathmatch, Ludum Dare 38, Physics


SpaceBrawls 2 MB

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